Luxury Home Building Trends in the Twin Cities, MN

When you hear the word “luxury home” one might think of a high price tag, high-end finishings, and furnishings. To some, luxury is privacy with sweeping city views, and to others, it's living on the ocean with a private beach. Some define 'luxury' as a smart home fully wired with every high-tech gadget, and others would interpret 'luxury' as an architecturally significant Mid-Century Modern home.

Here at Hagstrom Builder, we want to share 7 of our top tips to what defines home luxury trends here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota.

1. Outdoor Oasis

More and more homeowners want to create a sense of an outdoor oasis in their backyards not only in the spring, summer, and fall but all year round. Features such as outdoor kitchenette, sustainability through gardens, compost, and trees. Natural materials that provide low- maintenance, dual-purpose furniture, screen porches with retractable windows and doors, and oversized fire pits. All of these elements showcase a luxury home and one that is moving high on the homeowners want list when building or transforming their house

2. Layering Old and New

The use of antiques is not a new concept but we’re seeing it being incorporated into home design more and more. Antiquing is in as high a demand as ever and it could be in due part to icons such as Joanna Gaines. And with antiquing comes a high price as all items are one of a kind, and all scream luxury if layered in the right way. Finding eclectic furnishings in vintage and antique stores can be the statement piece that homeowners are looking for to give their space the best of both worlds - an old-world feel with modern details.

3. Smart & Automated

Smart thermostats, lighting, front doors, garage doors, alerts, fridges, faucets…the options for smart and automated technology is at an all-time high. But smart and automated comes with a price tag that screams high-end, luxury in any home.

4. Bold & Monochromatic

Although neutral tones will always remain in trend and luxury, we can expect to see more design choices from calmer colors and bold colors through jeweled, luxury tones that inspire mindfulness. As we talked about in our “Top 10 Hottest Home Building Trends” post, homeowners are craving more meaningful, storytelling, and calm homes. And these are all elements of a luxury home.

5. Quality

Quality service, quality products, quality design all of which are elements of luxury homes. “At the other end of the spectrum, some enthusiastic buyers are pushing the desire for newness to new heights. Impeded by lack of quality housing inventory, more and more ultra-affluent buyers wish to build their own trophy homes from scratch.” - Christie’s Real Estate

6. Luxe Amenities

As you see in luxe hotels, homeowners are wanting these same luxe amenities in their homes. Luxury amenities are for those that enjoy finer things in life, like much of us do whether we have the means for it or not. This encompasses features such as high-end finishes, a fitness center, outdoor living, and other amenities that encompass all things of modern living.

7. Privacy

With social media and the want and need for storytelling, privacy is now becoming a luxury. And that goes with the home as well. When people want to shut off, they want to fully shut off and have a place to escape for relaxation. Whether that is with friends or completely alone. Ways to incorporate luxury privacy is creating a hidden bathroom oasis, exclusive private parties within the home and outdoor oasis or living kitchen. All of which we here at Hagstrom stay in tune with when building out our clients’ luxury homes to ensure they have these elements within their home to escape to.

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