Northern Climate Luxury Garage Must Have Checklist

In the world of high end homes, one would expect to see a lot of different trends coming and going all the time. For the car lovers of the world, the dream is to someday have a luxury garage to store your prized possessions. When it comes to luxury garages, the sky's the limit. This leaves endless opportunities to cater to a clients wildest dreams when it comes to their garage.

For car collectors, the luxury garage trend is the dream, so today we want to share with you all our luxury garage must haves!

1. Heated Floors

We see the heated floor trend booming in the world of bathroom design. But did you ever consider adding them to your garage? For us northerners, heated floors eliminates ice buildup, and helps maintain the temperature in the garage as you come and go throughout the day.

2. Epoxy Floors

This is another one more specifically for those of us who live up North. Epoxy not only makes the floors look amazing, but also preserves the condition. It is naturally moisture and stain resistant, it is also highly resistant to salt. This is a simple way to bring your garage to the next level!

3. Zoned Lighting

Here on our resource page we have talked a lot about how lighting affects the feel of a space. Zoned lighting allows for general lighting while also having extra bright areas for where you are working or hanging out. An epic garage becomes a place where people actually hangout!

4. High Grade Wall Storage

You get what you pay for when it comes to a wall storage system. High grade wall storage also allows for storage of your things that would normally be sitting on the ground, leaned up against the wall, or stacked in a corner!

5. Cabinetry and Countertops

Cabinetry in garages is a trend that has skyrocketed over the last few years. Adding cabinetry and counter space to your garage gives you lots of room to organize all of your tools, supplies, and any odds and ends that would end up making your garage look cluttered. Having counter space gives you room to work, while the cabinets give you a place to put all those odds and ends that would gather dust, and become an eyesore!

6. Dog Washing Station

For those of us with a furry family member, adding a dog shower to the garage is definitely a huge luxury! After a rainy day run, or a mud puddle too good to resist-- a dog washing station located in the garage is a great way to eliminate the muddy paw prints, and that dirty dog smell!

7. In Floor Drains

In Floor Drains prevents the garage that is now heated from becoming a wet and dirty mess. It also makes cleaning so much easier. With a quick hose down, your garage will be looking brand new! Our favorite option is a trench drain that runs most of the length of the garage. No matter how much snow is on your vehicle, your garage won't be a wet mess when a drain is part of your garage design!

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