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The Top 10 Hottest Home Building Trends in the Twin Cities

Here at Hagstrom Builder, we are always staying in tune and up to date on the shifts in the design, remodeling, and building industry here in the Twin Cities. And we have to say we’re pretty excited to see the movement in trends here in 2020. We’re sharing the top 10 hottest home building trends here not only locally but globally for your home inspiration to keep in mind.

1. Mindfulness at Home

Mindfulness at home when it comes to the design is creating calm, peace, and awareness within a space. Minimalism, less stuff, and more intentional pieces in a home to create less stress and more inspiring space. We are seeing a huge shift within the wellness culture, a greater focus on mental health, components to create happier lives and all of this plays an important role in home design. Ways to do this is to ensure that every finishing selection or decor has a purpose, a balance between function, sentiment, and style. Just as all aspects of your life you want to remain balanced, your rooms in your home should serve the same purpose. Choosing a theme, color palette, and ensuring each space remains harmonious with one another is another great way to bring peace into your home. Bring in natural and organic elements to a space that makes you feel at peace such as brick, natural wood, and nature. Tell a story behind the pieces within the home whether it’s sentimental or the place you found it. All of these are great ways to bring mindfulness into your home and a huge movement we’re seeing within the design and build industry.

2. Storytelling

Readers, clients, homeowners, humans… we are all captivated by storytelling. And this is a hot trend that is now within the home industry. More and more want pieces in their home that tell a story. Not simply a piece that they found from Target just because. The Millenials and up and coming generations crave culture, meaningful work, and a story behind what they buy. This means they are supporting more and more makers, appreciate the craft, and the full story of what goes behind everything they buy. Which is another reason for a marketing focus from any business…Are you telling your full story? Because that is what is going to make the future homeowners buy from you.

3. Sustainability

Green roofs and greenery accent walls, a huge shift, and trend in the home building industry that is on the rise. Greenery accent walls feature plants and other living vegetation such as food, plants, grass, and flowers. Not only does it provide for the family but it also helps improve air quality while filtering toxins from the home. And we’re seeing that more and more sustainability within the home is being requested and on the rise!

4. Colorful

Year after year, the new colors of the year are getting more bold and daring. And homeowners are embracing it. And we don’t expect this to go away anytime soon. Bring on the color! According to Pantone Color Institute color experts, colors from Spring/Summer 2020 New York fashion week express our desire for a sense of the familiar. We want friendly and relatable, a palette of colors that conveys a sense of ease. At the same time, in this era of personalized self- expression, this palette of recognized favorites uses the familiar to take some unique twists and turns highlighting elements of humor, modernity, and entertainment.

5. Geometric Patterns

Whether it’s in the tile, as an accent wall, shelving design, furniture design, and more, geometric patterns are one of the hottest trends in 2020. And even better, when you mix them within the different selections and spaces within your home. Competent design of geometric lines in a single composition brings a feeling of peace, bringing us back full circle to the other hottest trend, mindfulness at home.

6. Half Slab Backsplashes

It’s no surprise that half slab backsplashes through the use of natural material are also a hot trend right now. More and more designers are saying goodbye to the traditional mosaic tile and hello to the countertop backsplashes halfway up the wall. Not only does this create a seamless transition but it looks clean. And then when layered with a countertop shelf it’s even better.

7. Reclaimed Wood

Through sustainability, mindfulness, and storytelling we are seeing that reclaimed wood continues to be one of the hottest home trends here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. While natural materials cost more, homeowners are craving quality or quantity these days, and are willing to splurge on more timeless elements.

Lark & Linen has a great article and is full of inspiration on ways to pull natural elements such as reclaimed wood into your home. Whether that is through ceiling beams, the dining room table or kitchen island, accent wall, flooring throughout your home…the options for reclaimed wood within your home are endless.

8. Walk-in Showers

The need for minimalism and low maintenance in the bathroom space has led to the want for walk-in showers. Wet rooms, free-standing bathtubs, no shower doors, mindfulness at home with a bathroom hidden oasis are all encompassed within a walk-in shower. And this is one of the biggest trends we are seeing in the Twin Cities.

9. Formal Dining Rooms

It’s the dining room revival! Gone are the days of walls coming down and forgoing the dining rooms space. The future generations are bringing back tradition and that goes for the traditional formal dining room space. "People are taking the time to invest in their homes more than ever, which means people are willing to host more than ever. In 2020, I think we’ll see dining rooms reflect this by incorporating as much seating as possible (larger tables, and chairs with slimmer silhouettes), as well as focusing on durability (because no one wants to be the host fussing over spills)." Sarah Fultz, founder of Sarah Fultz Interiors

10. Living Kitchens

Kitchens have always been the gathering space in any home. Once closed off kitchens became open concept kitchens and now more and more homeowners are wanting to create lived-in kitchens. Meaning they want to make the kitchen spaces comfortable and lived in, which is now the hottest trend in the building industry, especially here in the Twin Cities. Combining the kitchen, living room or family room, and creating a multi-purpose room. More than just integrating these spaces we’re seeing oversized islands with comfortable chairs, breakfast nooks with couches and chairs, creating multiple spaces for getting comfortable and cozy within the kitchen space.

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