4 Home Feature for Pet Lovers

This week's post is for those of us with furry companions in our home! Companies are constantly coming out with new products for our homes, as well as home features designed to make our homes the best they can be. This does not exclude those of us with pets! Today we are sharing with you 4 home features for animal lovers to consider when remodeling or building your home!

  1. Built in Food and Water Station - For most of us, mealtime is one of our favorite times of day, and that goes for our animal companions as well! There are many ways to make your pets mealtime simpler for you, and just as enjoyable for them. Building a specific bin in your pantry for their food, as well as having a specific feeding station with built in food and water bowls are just a few ways to make a designated eating space for your pet!

  2. Bathing Station - We have been meeting more and more clients interested in having a dog washing station installed in their home. For those of us with large dogs specifically, there is a definite appeal! Adding a pet sized walk in style shower to your mudroom or garage makes giving your dog a bath that much less of a messy chore! Make sure to include a handheld shower head for quick and easy bathing capabilities!

  3. Durable Floors - This one may seem very broad, but is definitely something to consider! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life with pets (and kids), floors can end up taking quite a bit of abuse overtime. Some flooring options can withstand the mayhem better than others, such as LVP (luxury vinyl plank), ceramic tile, concrete, and laminate just to name a few!

  4. Built In Gates - We all have that room in our house we’d rather not our pets having free reign in, or going in at all. While you can just buy a good old baby gate, having a custom built in gate will not only elevate the look, but also will be able to stay aligned with the design of the rest of your home. This could be as simple as a swinging gate, or as much as a half door. The options are endless!

For those of you with pets in the family who are considering a remodel or a new build, these are some things to keep in mind throughout the design process, early planning will make for easier pet ownership in the future!

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