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Trends Come and Go, but Will This One Stay? Geometric Patterns


Whether it’s in the tile, as an accent wall, shelving design, furniture design, or anything else, geometric patterns are currently one of the hottest trends, made even more popular when you mix them within the different selections and spaces of your home. Design of geometric lines in a single composition brings a feeling of peace, which has become even more important to many homeowners over the last few years.

When geometric design comes to mind, many immediately think of hard-edged shapes. But the latest home decor trend offers a gentler approach as well. Many homeowners are looking more for organic, natural shapes in their home, which is where these softer geometric patterns come into play. This means we are seeing rounded edges, softer patterns, and even arched doorways to bring geometric patterns into the home.

While we are seeing an increase in softer, organic looking geometric patterns, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t also seeing a greater use of bold patterns being used. These bold geometric patterns can be incorporated into everything from tile backsplashes, accent pillows, and even area rugs! Bringing another trend into play, wallpaper trends are also featuring more geometric shapes. Geometric wallpaper blends pattern, culture and a stunning visual appeal. The opportunities are endless when it comes to incorporating simple geometric wallpaper into your home, and most of the time, you only need to cover a section of the large space in wallpaper to get the desired effect. From living rooms to luxurious bedrooms, and small bathrooms to nurseries, geometric patterned wallpaper can elevate any space.

Geometric patterns can be incorporated into almost any aspect of interior design from flooring to wall or window coverings to furniture to accessories. Interior Designers use geometric design to give a sense of movement in a room, to direct attention, or to create texture and depth. When it comes to design trends, geometric patterns have withstood the test of time, ebbing and flowing as times and styles change, but still remaining in high demand over many decades. This trend is here to stay!



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