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Trends Come and Go, but Will This One Stay? Freestanding Tubs.


Trends come and go, but is this one here to stay? Today we are deep diving into the world of freestanding tubs! With every passing day, the modern freestanding tub becomes more popular than ever. The modern freestanding tub has a flat bottom with clean, minimalistic lines that are one of the main characteristics in modern interior design. These tubs come in multiple different shapes from oval or rectangular to round shapes. The elegant modern tubs are the perfect addition to any modern classic, modern farmhouse, mid century modern, or transitional style bathroom.

What started as an old school, claw footed, bathtub, has now evolved into a sleek, minimalistic tub that screams luxury. They come in all shapes and sizes such as a large oval, egg-shaped, slipper or rectangular shape. They are made of materials from acrylic to concrete, resin composites, stainless steel, and even copper. As many trends do, they first appeared in hotels and resorts. Their fashionable appearance gave luxurious guest suites immediate distinction and painted the picture of relaxation.

As with any other home feature, there are both pros and cons. Some of the pros include its uniqueness as they make a statement of luxury, their ability to work with any style home, and the ability to allow you to use your space more creatively. They can feel like a luxurious sculpture in your space with endless, stunning design options. As for cons, these include their tendency to be more expensive as well as heavier than your standard tub, no storage space, and the requirement of having a separate shower.

So that leads us to our big question: Is this trend here to stay? It seems there will always be a place in the world of building and design for freestanding tubs. Whether it be in our homes, or at a luxurious spa. Their popularity will continue to eb and flow, but I believe they will always have a special place in the world of building and design.

What do you think? Are freestanding tubs here to stay?



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