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Homebuilding Trends to Lookout for in 2021, Part 1

In just a few short weeks, 2020 will come to a close. And with a new year, comes new building trends! Today we are going to share with you a few building trends to keep a lookout for in the coming year.

1. Neutral, But Fun

In the coming year we are expecting to see a lot more neutral color pallets that use deep greens, blue grays, and other earthy tones on cabinets to accentuate any space and give them a warm, welcoming feel. This trend can also be seen on the exterior of homes with neutral earthy exterior colors, and dark accents.

2. Textured Walls

While we start seeing neutral color palettes gaining even more popularity, we also have started to see homeowners looking to spice up their living spaces with textured walls. From wood, to fabric panels, adding textured walls add a new level of depth and dimension to any space.

3. Brick

In 2021 we are expecting to see more brick used in the interior of the home. We’re not talking about the classic red brick of the 60’s and 70’s. We expect to see more painted brick, adding warmth and personality to a space.

4. More Mixed Materials

Metals have been rapidly gaining popularity over the last few years, but as a new season of building trends approaches, we are seeing the mixing of materials continue to climb to the top of the trend charts. Natural wood materials used alongside metals, concrete or any other edgy material is becoming popular pairings in kitchens and bathrooms specifically.

Next week we will be sharing 4 more new up and coming trends for 2021. Stay tuned!

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