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Tips for Creating the Illusion of Space in Small Spaces


We all have those small spaces that can feel overwhelming to put to use due to their size. Today we are going to share with you 5 ways you can make those small spaces not feel so small.

The first thing is selecting light paint colors. Painting the space with a light paint color will help reflect light giving the illusion of a larger space. Selecting bright, but neutral colors will help open up the space. Make sure to use one color for the whole room rather than have an accent wall to optimize the feeling of openness.

Another thing to consider is the use of mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion of space since they reflect the light around them. You could go as simple as placing mirrors at any point in your room, or installing ceiling to floor windows. Positioning mirrors on the opposing side of the room from a window is a great way to add what feels like an additional window to your space!

You also must consider your decor. The smaller the space, the less it takes to make it feel cluttered. Stick to minimalistic decor, selecting just a few special pieces to decorate the space. Using couches, chairs, and tables with narrow, wooden legs is a great way to make the whole room feel as if there is more space as well.

Speaking of decor, let's talk about rugs and curtains. If you’re looking to make your space look bigger than it is, avoid using rugs or curtains. The more light that can come in and fill the room, the bigger the space will feel.

It all comes down to one point really, keep it simple, and maximize the natural light in the space. These spaces take a lot of editing, so place things the way you like, and then adjust from there. If it feels cluttered, start removing some things. You can cozy up the space with fuzzy throw blankets, and pillows, while still making it feel more open by eliminating extra decor pieces. Small rooms take intentionality, everything you put in the space should have a place so nothing takes up extra room. Keep it simple, light, and bright!

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