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Staff Spotlight: Peter Hagstrom


We are back with our last staff spotlight, and for the grande finale we will be introducing our company's president, Peter Hagstrom!

First, let’s backtrack to 1962 when Pete’s father, Bob Hagstrom founded Hagstrom Builder. Pete started working on the job sites alongside his dad as soon as he could, and grew up constantly involved in construction! Over the next 30 years his love for the construction industry and Hagstrom Builder grew, and eventually led him to take over the company in October of 1992, and has been president of the company ever since. He now works alongside his own sons and other family, with Nils as the company's project manager, Erik as the marketing director, Nils' wife Emily as the marketing coordinator, and working with Elliott who is a realtor in the twin cities when the opportunity presents itself. His favorite part of Hagstrom Builder is all the people he’s met and formed relationships with over the years. He also loves seeing their dream home become a reality!

Pete enjoys many things, one of course, being spending time with friends and family, especially eating good food together. He gained the title “Papa” three years ago, and now has 6 grandchildren all ages 3 and under. He also loves to golf and play tennis! Next year he will celebrate 30 years of owning Hagstrom Builder, and we cannot wait to see how the company continues to grow over the next few years!

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