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Staff Spotlight: Molly Scarrella


Today, we have a new team member to introduce! At the beginning of May, we welcomed Molly Scarrella to our team as the Operations Coordinator. When asked about what her days look like she explained, “I wear a variety of hats, and often, the structure of my day depends on what is said in the morning meeting or what comes into my email inbox. I am part-time executive assistant to the company president, helping with email correspondence and scheduling; part-time event planner to coordinate client meetings and company events; and I also lend a hand to our project management and administrative teams to keep tabs on all the necessary paperwork to keep a project moving forward.”

What initially drew her to the construction industry? She appreciates that our team works on tangible projects that make personal and important impacts on the lives of our clients. She likes being able to drive by a quality-crafted home and say, “I helped put that there.”

Her favorite part of working in construction is the endless opportunities for creativity! Everything from how to solve a construction problem, to the type of light fixture hanging above the kitchen table – creative thinking and options abound. She loves to see human ingenuity break down an obstacle, to say “why not?” instead of “why?”

When I asked her what she likes to do in her free time she said, “My husband and I are raising a confident, energetic and curious little girl, and I love to take her to the zoo or plant seeds in the garden – whatever! – just to re-discover the world through her eyes. It’s the best feeling in the world to rekindle that awe and wonder of the world that frequently gets jaded as we grow up.”

We are so excited to have you as part of our team Molly!

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