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Staff Spotlight: Erik Hagstrom

blog-hero-erik We are back with another staff spotlight!

Erik has been working alongside Hagstrom Builder for almost 10 years doing the website, but this past spring stepped into an in-house role as Marketing Director! He was initially drawn to the construction industry by family ties and watching his dad (Pete) over the years. His interest in residential construction has continued to grow as he sees the excitement in families as they go through the process of creating their dream home! His favorite part of working in the industry is seeing the end result of the team effort. Clients are always so happy with the final product, and they can’t wait to get moved into their new homes.

Erik's day to day varies, as is the nature of marketing, but over the course of the week he does have a consistent routine from scheduling advertising, checking in on online advertising performances, making website updates and putting the resource posts on the website, to making budget updates and plans, weekly staff meetings, and connecting with industry partners and analyzing and implementing third party advertising opportunities.

In his free time he enjoys a balance of spending time with his wife and 2 kids, as well as lots of outdoor activities such as cycling, soccer, tennis, and golf! His oldest child, Hunter (age 3), is now getting old enough to start doing activities and is getting ready to start his first soccer program this fall!

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