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Staff Spotlight: Eric Yernesek


Happy Thursday everyone! We are back with another Staff Spotlight!

Today we are highlighting Eric! Eric started at Hagstrom Builder back at the beginning of 2020. He started as a carpenter, but has slowly begun taking on a few job supervisor roles as well! He has been working in the industry for 20 years, and his experience is an incredible asset to our team! There are several reasons he enjoys being a part of the Hagstrom Builder team, a few of them being the unique designs, being challenged, and the people in the company with the resources they provide. When I asked him what tool he would be lost without, he replied “I would be nowhere without my tool belt, as well as the support and knowledge surrounding me that helps me create in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

Recently a client emailed us this great feedback about Eric's management abilities on the job site:

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how pleased we've been with Eric as our job supervisor. Carrie and I always know what's going on with the project. Eric's communications are clear, timely, and crisp. If he says something is going to happen, he makes sure it happens, or has already followed up with the subs by the time we ask. I also appreciate Eric's attention to detail on the project, helping keep the overall quality from the different subs high. Finally, I think Eric has done well "gap-filling" between the work the different subs perform when necessary, and calling the subs back when that makes more sense. We're a little weary over here from a project that has stretched out beyond our rosy estimates this spring, but it's clear to us that Eric has kept "impacting families" in mind and has worked to make things as easy as possible for us living through the construction. Though the project's not over, we wanted to say thank you, Eric. Job well done, looking forward to being all done.

In his free time he loves being present with his wife (today is their 16th anniversary!) and kids. He enjoys golfing, playing darts, and watching his children grow into beautiful humans. “We know how fast these years can go, so we stay in the moment and appreciate every day.”

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