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Staff Spotlight: Emily Hagstrom


We are back again with a new staff spotlight! Today I have the unique task of writing about myself!

I have been at Hagstrom Builder for almost 2 years, and am the Marketing Coordinator. Marrying into the Hagstrom family meant that I was suddenly surrounded by endless knowledge and passion for the construction industry, and that love proved to be contagious. I continue to be drawn to the beauty of each unique, individual home, as well as seeing the style of each client shine through in the design. One of my favorite parts of working in the construction industry is seeing the plans at the beginning, and watching a bunch of materials become a beautiful home in the end, taking in each step of the process and watching start to finish.

My day to day varies, which is just the nature of marketing. A few of the things I do regularly is schedule all the social media posts, connect with our industry partners, plan and assist in the photography of our finished projects, have weekly meetings, write our resource posts, and more.

Every second of free time I have I spend with my two little boys and husband. We love going on walks, having play-dates with friends, and spending as much time outside as we can!

Get ready to meet more of the office team next week!

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