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Roofing Material: Which One is Right for You?


When it comes to building a home, there are things we think of right away such as siding color, countertops, and how many windows we want. But when it comes to roofing, it can become more of an afterthought. Today we are going to discuss some great roofing options for you as you dive into building your new home!


First of course is the ever so common Asphalt Shingle.

They are by far the most common residential roofing material in the US, and gained popularity due to their easy installation and economical price point. It is also offered in various styles, and endless color options making it a great option for many different architectural styles.


Another great option to consider for roofing is going with a Metal.

This is one of my personal favorites aesthetically, and while it may be a slightly more expensive option, the pros are definitely worth considering. Metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing materials out there, lasting upwards of 40 years. They are also friendly to the environment. They can contain a percentage of recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable themselves. They are also more energy efficient as they reflect heat, rather than absorb it.


Now let’s talk about Wood Shingles and Shake.

These have been the go to roofing material for hundreds of years. They provide a classic, rustic look, and can last from 25-30 years. Fire codes in some areas do not allow the use of Wood Shakes or Shingles due to the fire risk, but if you live in an area that allows them, but also has a higher fire risk you can get them treated with a fire resistant coating.


Next on the list of potential roofing options comes clay and concrete tiles.

These tiles are very heavy, and require careful installation. Clay and Concrete tile are also very durable, and concrete tiles are energy efficient as well. They tend to require additional framing, but they are the perfect choice for those building Mediteranian or Spanish-style homes.


The last material we are going to talk about today is slate.

Slate is distinctive, yet elegant in appearance and proves to be one of the most sustainable roofing options. Along with being completely recyclable, it is also fire resistant and highly durable. Slate is on the pricier side, but it can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

There are many other options for roofing materials, but these are a few of the most popular, and some of the ones we see used most often in the world of building!

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