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Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends: Open Shelving

Happy Friday! Today we are going to continue to deep dive into Interior Design trends this spring, and today is a fun one: Open Shelving! Open shelving comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. We are going to share with you a few of our favorite, as well as a couple of creative ways to incorporate open shelving into your home!

The Corner Shelves

When it comes to open shelves, it can feel intimidating to use them for your dishes. Adding an open corner shelf to your kitchen to house just your daily essentials, is a great way to give an open airy look, while also keeping your shelves from gathering dust because of the ever rotating dinnerware.

Take Off Those Doors

Gaining open shelves in your kitchen can be as simple as removing the doors from your already existing cabinets. Many people look to open cabinets to give their kitchen an open, airy feel, as well as giving a contemporary look and displaying special dishes, or even everyday used dishes! Just take those cabinet doors off, add a fresh coat of paint, and store the doors in your garage in case you ever want to put them back on in the future!

The Display

Installing upper open floating shelves above your already existing cabinets is a great way to display those extra special dishes. From your grandma's wedding china, to the clay pot you picked up on your latest adventure, adding a floating shelf dedicated to these precious pieces is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your kitchen.

In the Dining Room

China cabinets can be lovely for certain styles of home, but what about those of us looking for a more contemporary look? Open shelves to the rescue! Installing a set of 4 shelves in your dining room creates the ideal display for your special dishes, keeping them organized, while also giving a more contemporary look to your dining space!

All About Wood

Adding a beautiful, natural stained wood is a great way to achieve a warm, peaceful ambience while also adding the contemporary styling of the open shelves. Adding just a few stacked, wood shelves is a great way to add stylistically to your kitchen, while also keeping your already existing ambience.


We don’t see these quite as much, but they are definitely one of our favorites! Do you have a kitchen so full of windows that you lose the majority of your upper cabinets? Installing glass open shelves that hang from the ceiling won’t block your light, will give you that extra organization you need, and give a very unique but refined look to your kitchen!

When it comes to open shelving, the options are truly endless. Whether it be material, layout, or design in general, open shelves can be incorporated into any style home!

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