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Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends: Hardware

blog-hero-hardware It is the last installment of our Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends! This week we are expanding beyond brass and metallic hardware, and discussing the biggest hardware trends of this year.

Matte Black

Matte black finishes on hardware is very popular in houses of all styles these days. The great thing about black is that it goes with virtually anything, so this makes it easy to incorporate into any space!


One of the biggest trends we see in almost anything these days across the board is minimalism. When it comes to minimalism in the world of hardware, no hardware! This can mean that the drawers have custom cutout pulls in the door and drawer designs. It could also look like matching the pulls to the cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Style

With the modern farmhouse trend continuing to be one of the most popular home building trends out there, it is no surprise that simple knobs and bin pulls are some of the most popular drawer and cabinet hardware options these days! You can find them in all different finishes to match any kitchen.

Mix Those Finishes

Mixing hardware finishes in a home has been a trend that has gained popularity in recent years, but now we are seeing more people mixing finishes in one space! This is most commonly seen as having two different hardware finishes on the upper cabinets and lower cabinets. Having two different colors on your cabinets, and then adding different hardware finishes will be a major showstopper in any home!

Just like that, we conclude our Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends series! We hope we gave you some insight, as well as great information that you can use when planning your own new home build or remodel!

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