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Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends

Spring is slowly showing its face in the Midwest, and us northerners could not be more ready! Today we are talking about some of the interior design trends we see gaining popularity this Spring!

Brass Accents

Seeing warm metallic accents in homes is not anything new, but we see more and more people selecting those beautiful brass accents. Not only are they stunning all on their own, they bring a bright yet warm feel to a space.


Now I know that I have mentioned this what feels like a dozen times, but it is truer than ever. The wallpaper trend continues to gain popularity, and has officially become something that people of all ages are drawn to. From a nursery, to a master bathroom, you can find a wallpaper for anyone! Textured wallpaper especially is gaining popularity quickly, and becoming a popular selection for people of all ages!

Striking Tile

Tile is a great way to spice up a space, especially when you bring in textured or brightly colored tiles. Terracotta tiles are also creeping back into houses slowly but surely, bringing a rugged yet refined look to homes.Terrazzo Tile also continues to gain popularity this spring. Its subdued textured pattern, paired with the endless color options is a great way to make a peaceful statement in your home!

Open Shelves

While open shelves may not be a new trend, they have been increasing in popularity at an insane rate. Open shelves help open up a space, giving it an airy aesthetic. These shelves used to primarily be made of wood materials, but are now expanding into different metals, and glass. They would traditionally be mounted on the walls, but people are now choosing more unique approaches such as ceiling mounts or even hanging them in front of a window for a backlit look.

These are just a few of the major trends we see rising to the top as Spring 2021 approaches. Next week we will dive into more detail on the up and coming tile trends we are seeing!

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