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7 Patio Trends in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, summer is in full swing. Boat days, weekend hikes, and patio season has officially arrived, and we are loving every minute! In the summer, most of our evenings are spent on our patio enjoying dinner with our family, having cocktails with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the summer breeze. Today we are going to share with you 7 Minnesota Patio Trends! So whether you are looking to redo a patio, create a new outdoor space, or are daydreaming about doing one in the future, we hope this inspires you!

1. Lighting

The lighting on your patio sets the tone for those nighttime get-togethers with friends and family. Lighting is a way to enhance your landscaping, as well as illuminate your outdoor space. Whether you choose to put lights along your path to your patio, or have them hanging above your lounging area, there are endless options for ways to add to the relaxing ambience of your space just simply by the way you light it.

2. The Fireplace

Sitting around a bonfire is definitely a Minnesota summer must, but what about having a full on fireplace? A trend we often see is bringing the comforts of your home outdoors. An outdoor fireplace becomes the focal point for your patio, and adds to the relaxing ambience, while also still giving you the ability to make s’mores with the family.

3. Water

Lounging out on your patio is already incredibly relaxing, but what happens when you add water? Adding water to any landscaping adds a new level of peace and tranquility. Whether a waterfall or a fountain, the sound of running water adds a sense of luxury to any outdoor space.

4. Lakeside

For those with homes on one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, having a patio lakeside is the dream. A relaxing dinner while watching the sunset, or a quick lunch break from a boat ride are just a couple of the many perks of having a patio by the lake.

5. The Outdoor Living Room

For many, the best outdoor spaces are all the comforts of home, but outdoors. Couches, chairs, and a coffee table recreate the feeling of your living room, with all the benefits of the great outdoors. Many companies are now creating lines of furniture, lighting, and all the materials you need to recreate your living room to withstand weather conditions, even in the midwest. This creates a warm, welcoming space for a cocktail hour with friends, or those late nights spent with family.

6. Pools

This is a bigger project on its own, but this family decided to add a pool to their lakeside home. Add some lounge chairs, a table, and some pool toys, and you have a full set up to entertain the whole family.

7. Drop-down Screens

Dropdown Screens or Roll Down Shades are the perfect way to continue enjoying the outdoors while being able to have sun control or protection from those pesky bugs. Screens will keep the bugs out while you enjoy a cocktail on your patio on a cool evening, while a roll down shade will keep your patio shaded from the blazing Minnesota summer sun. They not only keep you protected from the elements, but can also provide a bit of privacy for those who live in neighborhoods with limited space. With just the press of a button you have shade, insect protection, and a bit of privacy. Then when you’re done, back up they go as if they were never there!

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