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2021 Trends for a Midwestern Summer

blog-heor-summer-trends Summer is here, and that means it’s time to talk about the home trends of summer 2021! Today we are going to share with you 5 design trends to keep an eye out for this summer.


1. Natural Textures

It seems in every resource post I write these days, something about natural elements, textures, or colors come up. We are in a time of bringing the natural into our homes, and loving every part of it! From light fixtures and wall hangings, to rugs and baskets, incorporating natural materials in your home is a major rising trend! It can be as simple as adding some pampas grass to your favorite vase to bring this trend to life.


2. Simple Chandeliers

When you think chandelier, a large sparkly, extravagant light fixture may come to mind, but this trend is not quite that. Simple, understated chandeliers are now making a major climb to the top of the trending design list. These chandeliers are often wooden with simple wood beads, or other natural materials bringing a subtle elegance to any space.


3. Accent Walls

In so many new homes these days, we see accent walls. Whether it be a bold color, wallpaper, or even a color that's just a shade off from the rest of the space, accent walls are here to stay!


4. The Outdoor Living Room

This trend gained major popularity summer 2020 as we spent the majority if not all of our time in our homes. Creating an outdoor space that you could spend all day in is the dream for most, and now a reality for many! Upgrading your patio furniture to be more comfortable and fashionable, as well as adding a dining space or bar are a few great ways to majorly upgrade your outdoor hangout space!


5. Drink Carts

You may chuckle initially when you see that this is being considered a trend, but this is one that you may want to jump on while it's hot! With the world slowly but surely working it’s way back to somewhat normal, many of us will be gathering more frequently with friends and family. A drink cart gives you as the host the freedom to bring your bar to your guests wherever they may be! And they are sure to bring a different level of luxurious appeal to your living space.

These are just 5 of the trends we see rising this summer. Over the next few weeks, we will be deep diving into each one of these trends, and hope to inspire your next project, DIY, or even inspire you as you plan to build a new home, or remodel!

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