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Favorite Trends: Industrial Style


When it comes to building trends, industrial design is one of my personal favorites. Today we are going to dive into the industrial design trend!

industrial-2 The industrial design style was originally inspired by old factories, barns, and warehouses. It typically includes rustic surfaces, stripped-back architecture, and many raw exposed elements.

Open concept floor plans are one of the most basic steps to achieving an industrial style home. They tend to be minimalistic in design, and open floor plans help achieve this quickly and efficiently. This also leaves room for contrasting elements, which is also an important part of industrial design.

industrial-1 Mixing wood and metal creates a sleek modern contrast. Rich wood adds a rustic feel, while metal finishes bring a modern element to the space. Hardwood floors are also a staple of industrial design. Hand crafted wood floors with their knots and mineral streaks add a sense of warmth to any industrial space.

Industrial design is not hard to achieve. By adding just a few key elements to your home, you can simply attain a beautiful, industrial style home!

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