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Fall Building Trends for 2021

blog-hero-ft It feels as if I just was sitting down to write about the summer trends for 2021, yet somehow we are already here! Fall is quickly approaching here in the midwest, and after a hot summer we are looking forward to the crisp, cool days of Autumn. Today we are going to talk about trends we are loving this fall!


1. Industrial Style

Due to its minimalist yet rugged style, industrial style building has quickly gained popularity over the last few years. It combines the stylish aspects of modern buildings with the beauty of classic style. Industrial style typically entails open floor plan, minimalist style, and rustic finishes. Warm neutral tones are typically the #1 choice for homeowners looking to achieve an industrial style home.


2. Lead Role Goes to the Kitchen

Many homeowners have been designing their kitchen to be the focal point of their home, thinking outside of the box when it comes to design. Whether it’s taking your backsplash to the next level by doing tile all the way up the walls, or an open, luxurious pantry, there are many ways to add eye-catching features to any kitchen!


3. Vintage Decor

As we’ve navigated the pandemic, many of us have worked on not only making our homes more functional, but also more personal and cozy. This has brought back a lot of vintage decor styles. Whether it be the candlesticks your aunt gave you for christmas, or an antique piece of furniture, vintage decor is a sure way to bring a cozy, homey feel to any space.


4. Natural Texture

Many people are being drawn to natural textures and soft fabrics to bring a sophisticated, yet chic cozy feel into their main living spaces. Wool blankets or sherpa pillows are just two great ways to bring in lovely natural texture into your home.


5. Earth Tones

When you think of earth tones, many just picture neutrals. But when it comes to bringing earthy tones into your home, the options are endless. Rust red, forest green, and sea blue are all colors included in an earth tone palette! This palette has become increasingly popular in the last few years and continues to gain popularity quickly! We love how earth tones warm up any space, bringing a sense of welcome to any space.

These are just a few of the trends we see rising to the top this fall! Which ones are your favorite?

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