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Extending Patio Season Through Autumn


The season of pumpkin spice, colorful trees, and falling leaves is quickly approaching. With autumn weather comes shorter, cooler days, but that doesn’t mean we have to go into hibernation quite yet! Today we are going to talk about ways to make your outdoor space work through the cool days of autumn.


1. Warmth

Simply adding a source of heat on your patio is a great way to extend the seasonal life of your outdoor space. Adding a firepit, outdoor fireplace, or space heater are all great options when it comes to adding a heat source to your patio. Gas outdoor fireplaces are a fun option, especially when you can run a gas line from the house to your patio so you never have to worry about changing out propane tanks! Whether it be a simple fire pit, or as far as installing outdoor heaters, adding a heating source to your patio is a great way to ensure it gets used throughout the cooler season.


2. Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are popular everywhere these days it seems, but especially in the midwest due to their year round use! Whether it's with a group of friends, or a quiet night at home, a hot tub soak is the perfect way to relax and unwind outside on cold nights!


3. Cozy It Up

With added heat and lights, having extra blankets and throw pillows covering your patio furniture is a sure way to make sure your guests stay cozy and warm on those nights hanging out with friends on the patio!


4. Cover It Up

Adding a patio roof or covered gazebo is always a great way to protect yourself from the elements. But adding curtains or drop down screens is another way to temporarily protect yourself from the elements, as well as from any insects that stick around until the cold of winter.

These are just a few ways to extend your patio season this year, and get the most out of your outdoor space before the cold midwest winter arrives.

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