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A New Take on the Primary Suite

blog-hero-new-take When it comes to the owner's suite in a home, the options are endless. An ensuite bathroom, fireplace, and expansive closet are a few things that most people look for but recently we have seen a new trend slowly showing itself in the industry.

Let’s backtrack. A few weeks ago our team took a tour of The Farm in Grant, one of the current new builds. As we went through the home I was blown away by the large living space, abundance of windows, and most of all the layout of the owner's suite featuring a small bedroom as part of a larger suite!

When you enter the primary suite you find yourself in a hallway that leads you to a smaller bedroom with a bed, nightstands, and large picture windows showcasing the stunning view of The Farm. As you continue down the hall, you will find their large closet, as well as a beautiful bathroom. The layout of the suite encapsulates simplicity, but still embraces luxury. The smaller bedroom eliminates clutter creating a clean, cozy look in the space. The closet has lots of room for the owners belongings, and a bathroom perfectly designed to create a relaxing luxurious feel.

If you’re looking to create a unique, simplistic owner's suite in your home, this up and coming trend is for you! blog-hero-newtake1

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