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First Resource Post of 2021!

It is officially 2021! The beginning of a New Year, and fresh new content! We wanted to kick off the year giving you some inside info on what we will be sharing with you all this coming year.

  1. Projects - We will be sharing on the blog more behind the scenes on our projects! This will include more photos of the project from start to finish, behind the scenes on what is going on at the sites, and more about what industry partners we work with along the way throughout the building process.
  2. Personal - Our goal for 2021 is to give you more behind the scenes peaks at the Hagstrom family, and the history, life events, and projects happening in our own homes! One of the first ones will be about the bathroom remodel in my own home, which will also include transformation photos, and bonus information on the products we used. We also hope to share lots more on the History of our wonderful company, and get more insight from Pete and his dad, Bob.
  3. Educational - The goal of our resource page was just that, to give you resources. When selecting options for your own home, or building a new home, we want to have somewhere you can come to find information so that you can select the option that is best for you. We will continue to post informative, educational, and fun content for you to reference when the time comes for you to build your own home!

Next week’s post is going to be talking about a new project we are working on, “The Villas”. We will be sharing how it got started, what the process looks like, as well as some behind the scene shots of the Hilltop Villa’s progress so far.

We look forward to continuing to grow this resource platform, and to share new, inspiring content with you all!

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