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10 Bathroom Design Trends

In our home we are getting ready to wrap up our bathroom remodel that has been taking place over the last two months. As we went through the design and selections process, we started seeing new trends slowly climbing their way up the charts. Here are 10 Bathroom Design Trends that we are seeing everywhere these days!

1. A Pop of Color

Gray tones have slowly been becoming less popular over the last couple of years. All the while, we see bright pops of color making their way up the list! This can be having a bright tile in your shower, having a vibrant vanity, or even a pop of color in the decor. Adding color to your bathroom is a simple way to make the room unique.

2. Soaking Tubs

A soaking tub is the best way to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom. It is a cost effective way to give you a more lavish feel to your bathroom. With endless options, you can find many that will fit the aesthetic of your bathroom whether it be modern, classic, or vintage.

3. Brass Hardware

Brass is one of the biggest home material trends to emerge in the last few years, and we are in love! It can bring a modern touch to a vintage bathroom, or add a bit of warmth to a dark modern bathroom. It is an easy way to add a bit of a classic feel to the space, while also giving it a modern flair.

4. The "Spa" at Home

For those of us who enjoy using bath time as a time to relax and unwind, bringing the feeling of a spa into your home is the perfect way. We are seeing that bathrooms have been steering away from just being a practical space, to become more of an experiential space. Whether it be adding a jacuzzi tub, a steam shower, or even extra relaxing lighting, adding a touch of the spa to your bathroom is the dream for anyone looking to add an extra relaxing element to your home.

5. Concrete

Bringing concrete into your bathroom not only makes a statement, but gives the space a dramatic yet minimalistic vibe. Not only that, but it mixes well with organic elements such as wood or greenery. This can give your bathroom a more spa-like feel. Whether it be countertops, or a polished floor, bringing concrete into a bathroom is a trend we are seeing slowly grow in popularity.

6. Texture

Just like our kitchen designs, we are seeing more textured tile in many rooms of the home. Taking a simple white subway tile, and choosing a white textured tile is a simple way to keep the classic, clean look while also adding a little bit of extra character to your bathroom!

7. Less is More

Minimalism has been a rising trend over the last few years, so why not bring that minimalistic style into your bathroom? You can achieve this in many ways such as using multiple shades of grays, accompanied with white. You can also help get the minimalistic style with having storage for everything so there is no clutter lying around. When it comes to achieving the minimalistic look, the sky's the limit!

8. Wood Accents

As gray slowly makes its way out of the trending colors for bathrooms, natural tones are on the rise! As people start selecting more earth, natural tones, wood accents have begun to make a comeback. Adding wood accents to your bathroom can add a classic feel to your modern bathroom, as well as give it a more warm welcoming feel.

9. Underfloor Heating

Here in Minnesota most of us have to shove our feet into slippers quickly in the morning before daring to take a step onto the icy cold bathroom floor for most of the year. For those of us who live in a cold climate such as the midwest, it is not a bad idea to consider underfloor heating! It can be used with many different flooring types, such as concrete, tile, and vinyl just to name a few! This is a simple way to add a bit of luxury and comfort to your bathroom. You will thank yourself later!

10. Wallpaper Comeback

Wallpaper has been making a major comeback the last couple of years. For those of us who are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, adding wallpaper to our bathroom is the perfect solution. It is a simple way to add a bit of pizzazz to your bathroom without having to go all out. Adding wallpaper can make a room feel more glamorous, yet also contemporary.

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