...best decision you''ll make.

Hiring Hagstrom Builder is the best decision you'll make. As an engineer who works on projects with clients, I know that what defines a good partner is how they handle the inevitable project issues that crop up. Hagstrom Builder and the project supervisor went way above and beyond our expectations, coping with exceptionally challenging site conditions and materials issues without batting an eye. Throughout, they showed us they live their values and mean what they say: No shortcuts. Ever.

Matt G.

...hard working and personable

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jared and Wade on this project. I really just want to take a moment to let you know how hard working, accommodating and personable they have been. This has been a challenging project as you may or may not know, the client has a significant amount of personal challenges which make communication extremely difficult for all of us. Because of Wade and Jared’s handling of this situation this project will turn out to be a success. I’m sure you know projects can just as easily go the other way. Thank you to you and your team. Hats off to Jared and Wade for a job well done.

Mari Jo M.

...easy to work with and accessible.

My husband and I worked with Hagstrom Builders on our Master Bath Remodel. Our project supervisor was easy to work with and very accessible. He found answers to any questions we had and found solutions for the few problems that came up. With such a positive experience, we hired Hagstrom for our next project.

Dawn K.

...commitment and involvement

Hagstrom Builder delivered the high quality architecturally designed home we wanted. While I'm sure there are other builders who could meet our needs, I'm not sure there are others that have the commitment and involvement from the top president that we experienced with Pete.

Jim A.

...best homebuilding experience

I have told countless people about ‘the best homebuilding experience I ever had’ back in 1983 with Hagstrom Builder. Now living in Atlanta and in the process of a kitchen remodel, I thought I’d see if you were still building homes. I can attest to the comments on your history. I had such a good experience and I am sure you’re carrying on the same level of service as your dad, Pete.

Gerry G.

...attention to detail

Our experience with Hagstrom Builder was fabulous.  Peter and the staff’s experience and care showed at every step in the process.  We were most impressed with the attention to detail both in planning and construction.  I recommend Hagstrom Builder to any and all who are considering building or remodeling.

Eric H.

...feel appreciated and nurtured

Whether building once-in-a-lifetime challenging and awe inspiring projects or taking care of a relatively small remodel on a limited budget, your team strives to make the client feel appreciated and nurtured. After 30 years in the trade I have learned that it is much more enjoyable and satisfying to team up with a group of people that truly enjoy what they do!

Dan H.

...costs were accurately reflected

All facets of our remodeling project with Hagstrom Builders were exceptional. Their building motto, 'No Shortcuts. Ever.' describe their attention to detail and quality workmanship. The final building costs were accurately reflected within the original bid. The work schedule was followed, and communication was consistent throughout the process.

Susan & Rick S.

...third major renovation project

We worked with the Hagstrom team on our third major renovation project over the past 22 years. We continue to work with them due to their commitment to detail, their consistent ability to generate excellent work and the can-do attitudes of their supervisors.

Doug & Kathy W.

...a team of competent pros

Hagstrom Builder helped us renovate and re-energize a beautiful but tired historical residence. We can't say enough about the caliber of workmanship evident in our 'new' home. Thanks to a team of competent pros, we love the results.

Bill & Patty W.

...3 projects in last 3 years

Hagstrom Builder has done 3 projects for us in the last 3 years and every one has been flawless. The workmanship is high quality and Pete and his team are very collaborative in the process. I wouldn't use anyone else to work on our home.

Sarah R. & John B.

...great to work with

In the 16 months it took to build our home, we had no issues with Hagstrom Builder that were not promptly resolved to satisfaction. The work was done with great craftsmanship and the subcontractors used were all very professional and great to work with. I recommend them highly.

Rebecca S.

...integrity and ease

We are working together with Hagstrom Builder on an incredible, state-of-the-art new home. They are more than up to the task of handling all the new and innovative structural components of a very complex home. Pete Hagstrom works in a collaborative setting that incorporates the skills of the entire team with integrity and ease.

Baker Court Interiors

...neat, friendly, polite and competent

Hagstrom Builder designed and remodeled our living room, dining room, master bedroom, and converted our screen porch into a 4-season porch. They also designed a guest suite in our upstairs which required adding an additional bathroom, and reconstructing one of the bedrooms. Each one of the contractors who provided services to carry out this job were amazingly neat, friendly, polite and competent. This was a first class job. My husband and I couldn't have been more happy with the outcome.

Fred & Sue M.

...quality is evident in every detail

We hired Hagstrom Builder to do a total remodel of our home over the summer of 2011. The results were amazing--they turned our 20 year home (what we could afford at the time--practical and functional) into our dream home. Pete and his team worked with us every step of the way to understand our goals and provided suggestions from their many years of building quality homes to achieve an unbelievable result. Each room has a unique feel and the quality is evident in every detail. They certainly lived up to their motto: No shortcuts--ever!

Mike & Tammy W.

...part of the family

We felt like we were part of the family

Jason & Amy Z.