Jill Vosberg

Staff Position: Marketing Director

hagstrom builder staff photo

Jill Vosberg’s first day at Hagstrom Builder was not only her first day at a new job, but also her first day in a new industry. Since the beginning of her employment at Hagstrom Builder in 2010, Jill has grown immensely in both her knowledge and love for the construction industry. She currently serves in a number of roles including Marketing Coordinator, Executive Assistant, and Project Manager. Jill currently lives in Shoreview with her husband and three children.

Jill’s favorite thing is spending time in “intentional” community, whether that is with her family of five, her neighborhood, at church or with friends. It brings her great joy in her life. Jill and her husband Heath lead their merry band of family on many spirited adventures whether it is an impromptu snow tubing party, a cross country camping trip or a Saturday evening dance party. For Jill, family comes first.