The Mythical Divide

The Mythical Divide

24, Mar Jill Murphy

How many times have you heard it? I live in St. Paul, shop in St Paul, my family is in St. Paul, always has been. Minneapolis? How gauche. I live in Minneapolis, the lakes, the trails, the restaurants, the nightlife, St. Paul???? SO far away, and so old. What IS it that is so daunting about crossing the mighty Mississippi? After all, we’re no longer traveling in covered wagons.

Two years ago, Hagstrom Builder looked at this divide and saw possibility. For 60 years we’ve been the fortunate recipients of peoples’ trust and confidence in the east side building and remodeling industry. We’ve honed our skills, reputation and friendships in the comfort of our backyard and our gratitude for that is immense. But we couldn’t ignore the lure of the possibilities that the west could bring Hagstrom Builder, and what Hagstrom Builder could bring to the West metro. We were excited to bring our culture of “No shortcuts. Ever” to a new audience. And one word kept coming back to us again and again; opportunity.

The Opportunity to Partner:

For decades, Hagstrom Builder has built its business on the idea of partnership and collaboration. With the client, the architect, the interior designer and the landscape architect. This has been the cornerstone of our best projects, and we acknowledge the great things these collaborations have brought to us and our clients. While we will never abandon those who have contributed to our building acumen, moving west offers us access to immense, rich talents in these various fields who can only help make us a better and we hope our talents will be welcomed by them as well.

The Opportunity to People:

Believe it or not, for a vast majority of people in either side of the river, choosing a builder who is “closer in proximity” is a big deal. And while we have experienced wonderful projects and clients (and will continue to do so) on the east side, several referrals in business are hampered by perceived geographical disparities. While Hagstrom Builder does not see this as a barrier to work, it was clear that many of our desired clients did. We were fortunate enough to find a wonderful office space in the North Loop area of Minneapolis to call our second home. This provides a central meeting area for all members of the building team who feel that trekking to Lake Elmo is something that requires snacks in the car, and opens up our client base to new experiences and clients that we can’t wait to take on.

The Opportunity to Impact Families:

Hagstrom Builder is in a unique and wonderful position to move west to expand our business. While we may be the new kid on these streets, our experience and clientele have created seasoned experts who value exceptional service and excellent outcomes. We bring over 5 decades of “getting it right” in our communities, and we feel that our presence in the west metro brings a new ability to impact families through the way we build homes, with thought and love and consideration for the people we are building it for and the dreams they have for the walls around them. To make their lives better because we listened to them and carried their hopes forward in the form of their home.

The Opportunity to Give Back:

For many years, Peter Hagstrom has encouraged his entire staff, subs, and partners give back to the communities that we do business in. After a mission trip to Louisiana, Pete started “Share 2 x 4s”, a group that works with Urban Homeworks to provide dignified housing and home repairs for those in need. The mission is to return hope and rejuvenate neighborhoods. Peter and his entire staff look forward to extending their success in this endeavor to Minneapolis and the west metro.

So when people ask “Why move West?”, Hagstrom Builder says, “opportunity”. For our business, for our clients and for the overall community. We look forward to telling our story to a whole new set of ears, and we sincerely hope that our treasured base of clients will share their stories of Hagstrom Builder with our new friends. The possibilities are truly exciting. So with that, we stand firmly over the Mississippi, in one direction we look with gratitude and thankfulness and in the other with hope and anticipation. Either side you choose, we’ll be there.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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