Impacting Families

Impacting Families

18, Apr Jill Murphy

One of the primary doctrines of Hagstrom Builder’s business is called “Impacting Families” and it is far more than a tag line for our operation, it is a cultural conversation that we keep top of mind and alive in our weekly staff meetings. “Each week we discuss how our activities and actions have taken a direct step in not only giving our client’s exactly what they wanted in their build/remodel, but how it has actually improved their daily lives as a result” says Project Manager Jared Langford. “These details transform an “average project” into one which provides our homeowners with the tools to live in a way they never knew was possible. It’s really special to be able to share the weekly “success” stories with our colleagues as the result of this discipline- it's inspiring for us all”.

This thought process requires everyone at Hagstrom to carefully vet each homeowner’s wish lists into viable outcomes. Kitchens become spaces where not only aesthetics are honored, but functionality and client’s habits are kept in the forefront of the plan. “It starts with the basics”, says Pete Hagstrom, Owner and President of Hagstrom Builder, “we ask all of the key questions about who is living in the home, how all of those people want to use the space, what is most important about the usability of the home, even down to whether you are left or right handed and the functionality which ensues as a result. It all goes into the project plan.” Certainly these are all questions which every esteemed homebuilder/ remodeler should be asking, but we actually take these answers into account when the design development occurs and include them in the outcome. “It seems like a simple factor, but we find that it is one of the most often ignored items when push comes to shove in creating an overall schematic to achieve the home of our client’s dreams.

One of the major elements in achieving this success in creating a family’s overall functionality and happiness in their homes comes from involving all of the parties in the building/planning stage as early as possible. The architect, the contractor, interior designer and landscape architect provide an overarching and holistic plan that the clients can agree to before a single stud is nailed. Taking the time to ask every basic questions helps paint the overall project in a much more robust light. “When all of these parties have agreed on the path they are pursuing and the clients are in full alignment, magic happens”, says Pete. It’s no wonder that so many of Hagstrom’s past clients credit us with the ability to bring them solutions they never thought possible, create accurate budgets and carefully curate a result which is organic and inspired by the homeowner. Jared states, “It is our job to tell the client what is feasible and not, both from a construction and budget standpoint, but other than that, it is our steadfast desire to bring them all they wanted and more”.

“Impacting families means that we are consciously thinking about whether or not this is a home for a young family, an empty nester, a historic renovation, a gourmet kitchen- any special circumstance that is the wish of our client colors the daily details we execute”, says Pete. “The ultimate reward is when we see a client a year or two later, and their faces are still beaming with the comfort, beauty and functionality that their home still provides them on a day to day basis. That is our goal personified in impacting families.”

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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