Culinary Corner: Tin Bins

Culinary Corner: Tin Bins

08, Sep Anders Hagstrom

Having our office in downtown Lake Elmo, Hagstrom Builder employees find ourselves in Stillwater for lunch on a quite regular basis, and as a result we have a number of favorite restaurants there. Aside from LoLo, another of our favorites is Tin Bins, located on the river side of Main Street; Tin Bins has awesome food for every time of day, and even better views with perfect vision of the Stillwater Bridge and the St. Croix.

Tin Bin’s derives its name from the building it occupies, an old logging mill covered in corrugated metal. The restaurant fits in perfectly in downtown Stillwater with a classic-but-refined feel. With the lunch and dinner menu’s paired with the always-available gourmet coffee and pastries courtesy of their in-house bakery, Tin Bins truly does have a meal for every mood.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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