Culinary Corner: MN State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together has gained high esteem in the eyes of Minnesotan’s for a slew of reasons, chief among them: the food. With options like deep fried candy bars and chocolate covered bacon, it’s hard for anyone not to be fan.

Every Minnesotan has a favorite State Fair food, and those in the Hagstrom Builder office are no different. “My favorites are the corndogs my family and I get from the stand just to the left of the fair entrance,” said Jill Vosberg, “and we have to buy them from Brian. Every year it’s always Brian behind the stand.”

Jeff Anderson, on the other hand, is an avid fan of the ever-popular Fresh Cut Fries stand. Jared, however, takes an almost religious stance on the subject, “Turkey legs are obviously the ideal fair food,” he explained, “God himself recognized that they should be put on a stick.”

Regardless of our disagreements when it comes to the food, everyone can agree that the State Fair is one of the best times of the year to be a Minnesotan. Here’s to hoping you’ll see someone from the Hagstrom Builder Team when you visit the Great Minnesota Get Together.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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