Culinary Corner - The Freehouse

In our continued search for culinary sweet spots of the North Loop we turned to the latest restaurants from Twin Cities dynamic dining group- Blue Plate Restaurant Company. This group has a history of creating the perfect mix of comfortable, hip atmosphere and comfort-centric crowd pleasers with a sprinkle of the unexpected. And this latest restaurant/brew house, The Freehouse didn’t come up short.

Pete and I have eaten here many times- mainly doing one of BluePlates well known specialties, breakfast which most of the locations serve all day long. But lately we made a concerted effort to diversify or dining choices. Pete tried and liked the Bison Tartare. He loved the texture of the bison, the lovely finishing touch of the quail egg and the appropriate dosage of horseradish.

I am perpetually on the search for the next great burger (Parlor Burger and 112 Eatery’s versions make me swoon), so when I tried the Farmer’s burger- a grass fed beef patty smothered in mushrooms, bacon, gruyere and a fried egg on and egg bun my hopes were high. But at the end of the day my purist instincts reigned and while its not as if I didn’t enjoy this burger… my favorites are still my favorites. Sometimes more is just, well, more. It kind of feels with some of the menu items that they are trying to be a bit… cute or clever but with varying levels of success.

At the end of the day, Pete and I both enjoy The Freehouse. It’s got a great location, PARKING (albeit not a lot, but some is better than none in the NL area), and lovely outdoor area to linger on and the food is one average better than average. We will continue to mosey down the street from our new Minneapolis office with frequency and nosh on some midday breakfast delight or pick up some of their wonderful brew that they sell in growlers for some of our favorite clients. But we are not excatly smitten. So we will say this, The Freehouse IS ALL that…. but maybe not the bag of chips.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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