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For Pete to swoon over a dish, it takes a lot. Besides being a very good cook himself, Pete holds a pretty high standard for food and when he gives a sincere appreciation of his meal- you know it was excellent. So it was during a recent visit to Borough, in our continuing search for sublime dining in the North Loop- we were not disappointed.

We ventured into this well known dinner venue which has recently opened its doors to the lunch crowd (good move). While the menu is decidedly more streamlined for this hour, we each found our personal noon time nirvana within its walls. We were accompanied by the lovely and talented leaders from Lilu Interiors, Lisa Peck and LuAnne Silvia for lunch- a first meeting that proved easy and fruitful from the get go. The airy and light filled ambiance accompanied by the excellent service made for an equally buoyant conversation. It seemed conducive to nothing but connecting and delight.

I have professed in prior blogs to be a burger purist- and let me tell you people, if anything can get you over the river to the Minneapolis market, it is the Parlour Burger. The stunning disc of ribeye, brisket and chuck on a dreamy egg bun rendered me silent for a moment. It’s just a juicy, fulfilling bite of delight. And while you have to order the fries separately- it’s a must. If I was less polite and generous, my hands would have been slapping my table-mates hands as they went in for a “test-bite”. A caloric splurge to be sure, it leaves you with nothing but contentment and satisfaction. I highly recommend this choice.

And now back to Pete… We had seen a few dishes wafted before us to be laid on other tables as we pondered our choices and one kept turning Pete’s head every time. “What IS that?”, he asks. “The catfish with lobster salad”, was the reply. Bingo- and so unexpected. Pete pounced and the rest is history. The enjoyment of all our meals transcended the conversation and it helped make for a wonderful meal and time to coalesce as industry compatriots, the excellence of the environment, service and food making for a heady mix. I know we have discussed the “mythical divide” which keeps people from crossing the mighty Mississippi in previous blogs- but both Pete and I can attest, Borough makes it worth the trip.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

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