Impacting Families

18, Apr Jill Murphy

One of the primary doctrines of Hagstrom Builder’s business is called “Impacting Families” and it is far more than a tag line for our operation, it is a cultural conversation that we keep top of mind and alive in our weekly staff meetings. “Each week we discuss how our activities and actions have taken a direct step in not only giving our client’s exactly what they wanted in their build/remodel, but how it has actually improved their daily lives as a result” says Project Manager Jared Langford. “These details transform an “average project” into one which provides our homeowners with the tools to live in a way they never knew was possible. It’s really special to be able to share the weekly “success” stories with our colleagues as the result of this discipline- it's inspiring for us all”.

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Alright, despite being a grammatically terrible sentence, the truth of it is undeniable. There are just some things which are better left alone, unable to be improved upon and if attempted, disappointment and outrage would surely ensue. ‘Tis the way with stalwart tradition and the institutions which best exemplify that the status quo is the only way to go.

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