2017 Award of Excellence - National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MN Chapter

White Oaks Savanna, A unique farm community in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

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Our expertise is built from the ground up.

Who We Are

Hagstrom Builder constructs one-of-a-kind houses and innovative spaces. With our aim to positively impact families, our clients enjoy the process of personalizing their dream homes. This second-generation family business has built hundreds of exceptional homes across the Twin Cities since 1962. Also now serving the Naples, FL area.

Our Values

No shortcuts. Ever. It’s more than our slogan. It’s our commitment to clients and collaborators. We listen carefully. We communicate accurately. We respond immediately. Maintaining the highest level of integrity and authenticity, our clients are well informed from project beginning to end. No surprises. No hidden agendas or secret fees.

Our Benefits

Hagstrom homes and remodels are “architecturally designed” to masterfully craft your story. The quality of our customer service parallels our exceptional product. Pete Hagstrom lends decades of professional expertise to each project. A lifelong Minnesotan, he leads with artful insight on using materials complementary to the land.

We're passionate about impacting families.


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Repeat Customers

  • ... Outstanding character

      Hagstrom Builder used only top quality materials and produced superior workmanship. Whether their own staff or subcontractors, these were people of outstanding character who respected the property and our schedules. The foreman of our project was so easy to contact, so quick to respond, and was always very courteous, accommodating, trustworthy, and helpful. Our remodeled home was exactly what we wanted!  
    -Fred & Sue M. 

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  • ... Best homebuilding experience

      I have told countless people about ‘the best homebuilding experience I ever had’ back in 1983 with Hagstrom Builder. Now living in Atlanta and in the process of a kitchen remodel, I thought I’d see if you were still building homes. I can attest to the comments on your history. I had such a good experience and I am sure you’re carrying on the same level of service as your dad, Peter.  
    -Gerry G. 

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  • ... Commitment and involvement

      Hagstrom Builder delivered the high quality architecturally designed home we wanted. While I'm sure there are other builders who could meet our needs, I'm not sure there are others that have the commitment and involvement from the top president that we experienced with Pete.  
    -Jim A. 

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  • ... Feel appreciated and nurtured

      Whether building once-in-a-lifetime challenging and awe inspiring projects or taking care of a relatively small remodel on a limited budget, your team strives to make the client feel appreciated and nurtured. After 30 years in the trade I have learned that it is much more enjoyable and satisfying to team up with a group of people that truly enjoy what they do!  
    -Dan H. 

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  • ... Attention to detail

      Our experience with Hagstrom Builder was fabulous.  Peter and the staff’s experience and care showed at every step in the process.  We were most impressed with the attention to detail both in planning and construction.  I recommend Hagstrom Builders to any and all who are considering building or remodeling.  
      Eric H. Park Tool Company

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Meet Pete & The Team

When I was 10 years old, I would ride in my father’s pick-up truck and visit job sites. Dad called it “working with him” for the day. I called it spending time with my dad. He taught me a lot about quality construction and how to treat others—paired lessons that still guide how I lead at Hagstrom Builder, now a business 53 years strong. Passion challenges my team to craft a broad range of innovative architectural expressions. Principle drives my decisions, partnerships and commitments to create positive builder-client experiences.

Peter has led Hagstrom Builder with a consistent devotion to quality and integrity for over twenty years. When he coined the phrase “No Shortcuts. Ever.” he applied it to every facet of Hagstrom Builder, extending beyond just the quality of our homes to the people we employ and the way we interact with our customers. When you ask Peter to build a home, he will ensure that it is built to the highest of standards every step of the way. Peter has made his own home in Dellwood, MN where he lives with his wife and children.

Jill Vosberg
Marketing Director

Jared Langford
Project Manager

James Fitzgerald
Office Manager

John Mitchell
Job Site Supervisor

Josh Swanson
Job Site Supervisor

Dave Johnson
Job Site Supervisor

Josh Mozingo
Job Site Supervisor

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    For five years Hagstrom Builder has been partnering with Urban Homeworks
    to provide dignified housing and repairs in our community. We invite our
    clients, subs, partners and friends to join us in our next project and
    experience the joy of truly impacting families. For more information,
    please call 651.777.8563